Canvas photo prints have become extremely popular in the past few years. With a unique, artistic texture and a seamless border, they are a more modern version of the conventional photographs. The best thing about canvas prints is that, when cared properly, they can last for decades. You can actually pass them down to your younger generation. Whether it is your child’s artwork or your family photograph, print them on canvas and make memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some pretty simple things that you can do to prevent your canvas photos from deteriorating:

Displaying canvas prints

Canvas photo prints are meant to be displayed indoors, especially at a spot where they will not get exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. UV rays can damage your photos. We want your canvas to be around for years and therefore, we coat them with polyurethane. This coating makes them durable, water-resistant, as well as UV resistant. Still, we suggest that you must not expose them to direct sunlight for a prolonged period. Direct sun exposure can even damage the polyurethane coating.

Since canvas is made from cotton, you must not hang it in your kitchen or near any heat source such as a radiator, or forced air vents.
Humidity can reduce the life of your canvas photos and its wooden frame. Although we treat our canvas prints and frames with a humidity-resistant coating, we still recommend that you must not hang them in the bathroom or at any place where there is a high level of humidity.


To prevent dust build-up, lightly dust your prints with a duster or a soft cloth. While dusting, hold the canvas in place so that you don’t knock it off the wall.
If your canvas photo print is in a heavy traffic area, it may pick up more dust than usual. In that case, clean it gently with a damp rag. Do not scratch it or rub it too hard.

To clean spots and splashes, you just need to wipe it gently with a soft damp cloth.
Never use any chemical to clean your prints including dishwashing solutions, and soap solutions. The chemicals in them can break down the protective coating on your canvas, thereby making it more prone to damage.

Storing canvas prints

Here at Picturesque Prints we recommend you do not touch or move your prints frequently. When you touch them repeatedly, you leave your fingerprints on them.
Canvas is a fabric and therefore, it can stretch or tear when you try to move it. So, do not move your prints unless required. Also, do not put pressure on them.

Do not store your canvas photo prints in air-tight containers or plastic bags. Also, do not place them behind glass. Canvas needs to breathe or else the trapped moisture can damage the prints.
Canvas may experience mild atmospheric changes. Mild stretching during summer and mild sagging during winter are normal. You don’t need to do anything. But, if the changes are too much to be ignored, contact us for appropriate guidance.